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Booking Process

In order for me to feel my most comfortable and receptive to meeting you, I ask that you fulfill my screening process in the form below. I will need:

  • Two references that you have seen within the past 6 months - they must have a verifiable internet presence i.e. an ad on one of the primary advertising sites, a personal website and/or an active Twitter.

  • A LinkedIn profile and ID verification will be necessary if you only have one reference 

  • Your name and contact info

If you are new to this world and have not met with a companion before, fret not, I have beautiful friends who are newbie friendly with whom I can put you in touch. 

I value your safety and discretion as much as my own and I assure you I will not use the information you give me for any other purpose beyond screening and will delete all personal information once screening has completed. 

Understanding that we have lives outside this beautiful alternate reality, I will never call or message you without your prior consent, and will always honor your particular means of communicating. 

To start the booking process fill in the form below


Thanks for submitting!

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