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You and Me. 

The rates listed below are for my time and companionship only. Please make sure to the read this whole page as I answer many questions you may have about our future encounters together.

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  • 2 hr Sweet Connection - $1,400

  • 3 hr Getting to Know You - $2,000

  • 4 hr Dine and Indulge - $2,400

  • 6 hr Night on the Town - $3,000

  • 12 hr Slumber Party - $4,500

  • 16 hr Breakfast for Two - $5,200

  • 24 hr Sublime Encounter - $6,500

  • 48 hr Anytime Weekend - $10,000

        +$200 Incall fee to any booking

*Fly Me To You and Drive Me To You details below*


Incall and Outcall

  • I host incalls at upscale hotels in the city we choose to meet. Please add $200 to the booking fee if you prefer that I manage the rendezvous location. 

  • If you prefer to choose our location (outcall), it is important to understand the current travel restrictions and specific guest requirements of hotels before making a reservation. 


Deposit and Cancellations

  • I require a deposit of 20% of the booking fee upon confirmation for new clients. The deposit can be sent via CashApp or gift cards (please inquire as to where).

  • If you need to cancel, your deposit can be applied to a rescheduled date within 30 days, otherwise deposits are non-refundable. 

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the booking time require 100% of the booking fee, and 50% of the fee within 48 hours. 



When I'm visiting you, please leave the consideration in an envelope in the bathroom, to  where I will excuse myself when arriving. If meeting in a public place, please have the consideration in a gift bag or the like to hand off when greeting each other. When visiting me, please put the envelope with the consideration in an obvious location upon your arrival. 



Screening is required for all new clients. See the booking page for more information. 



  • Dates 3 hours and longer require an outing (drinks/meal/adventures) to allow us to sink more deeply into each other's company.

  • I am scent sensitive and request you refrain from wearing heavy cologne and that you arrive fresh and clean to our date - I offer you the same consideration.

  • In order for me to be fully present with you and the time we spend together, I need at least 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep for dates 24 hours and longer. 3 hours of personal time is needed each day to rest and recharge. 

  • If you feel inclined to order a bottle of champagne or have drinks together upon meeting, any shared bottles must be kept sealed until I arrive. 

  • In-date extensions are $700/hr


Fly Me To You

I am happiest when exploring new places, and even happier when sharing the experience with someone special. Passport ready and excited by both luxury and "roughing it" travel adventures, I can be your Italian seaside dinner date or Peruvian Andes hiking partner. Having not seen all of the United States yet, I would love to be shown your favorite parts of the country


  • 12hr minimum domestic trip - $5,000

  • 24hr minimum international trip - $7,000

  • 50% deposit required for travel dates

  • All travel expenses paid by you at time of booking

  •  In order for me to be fully present with you and the time we spend together, I need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 3 hours of personal time is needed each day to rest and recharge.

  • Each additional day - $3,000

Drive Me To You

Being in Austin, I'm so close to my neighboring Texas cities and want to have the opportunity of meeting more Texas friends. I always love a roadtrip and would love to visit you!


3 hour mininum + $300 travel fee 


3 hour minimum + $300 travel fee 

San Antonio

3 hour minimum + $200 travel fee 

Considering I'm driving there and back, overnights, longer or daytime dates are much appreciated and prioritized (we all know the strain of driving at night). 

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